Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a specific file format?

Yes you can, just go to the contact page and send an email, for urgent requests use the mobile contact, please note here we use GTM time, London, Lisbon..


Can I have access to more then one format with one purchase?

Yes you can, the zip file usually  contains more then one file format, curently it´s .C4D, .OBJ and .FBX, being the c4d file the native format.


If a file has error´s what should I do?

If a file has errors you should communicate as soon as possible to Whitemagus3DModels, we will fix it, or find a solution. 


If I have any questions can I contact Whitemagus3DModels?

Yes you can, we will do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.


Are the native models from Cinema4D?

Yes, all the models are native Cinema4D models.


Can I order a specific design of a model?

Our custom design orders are limited and the prices will vary. Limited to the extend of just doing architectural models either contemporary or futuristic designs. 


Can I sell my models at Whitemagus3DModels?

Yes you can, however it must pass the approval, and is very demanding. We are mainly focused on Cinema4D models with high aesthetics and excellent technical files, meaning free of errors with clean meshes, good textures, great light and excellent composition. If you meet this requirements you can contact Whitemagus3DModels for further testing and approval and negotiate the partnership.


What uses are allowed with this Models?

Our models are to be used personally or commercially in the form of rendered images.  Examples of some allowable uses are: broadcasting, movie industry, advertising, rendered images, marketing materials, website, icons, logos, e-publications, illustrations, animations, greeting cards, stickers, mouse pads, coffee mugs, t-shirts, 2D rendered images for games or backgrounds, 3d games in real-time renderings, or virtual worlds (with the exclusion of Second Life or anywhere the files uploaded by have ownership transferred).