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HRC High Rise City 

High rise city breakdown.

Here you can place comments, reviews, suggestions, share tips and relevant information.  

This blog is about the HRC High Rise City, mainly the sets from V to VIII, and if necessary or wanted the past and future sets. Here you can open discussions do reviews, comments, wishes of how you would like the sets to be, suggestions about improvements, etc., and you can do it via comments. This is also were I will disclosure technical details about the mesh, materials, lights, and any other information found to be relevant. So this blog will be updated throughout time.


1-This first chapter  is about the mesh details and specifically about the sets from V to VII. It`s a full quad mesh, Low Poly and where you will find most polys is on the antennas of the buildings, cars, street lamps. The details about the number of polys are found in the images above (click for full size) for now it`s exemplified the set V as a standard, the other sets (from V to VIII) are similar in every way, there you will have access to relevant information to see if the model fits your needs for your projects.


2- This second chapter is about the use of the models I will share relevant information about the use of the models in the software like Cinema4D and Poser or DazStudio, also any other software that relevant information might appear.