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Park Avenue Collection for C4D OBJ and FBX

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Park Avenue is now available for professional use.

The well digitally known set's are now available for wide range of professionals  with an extended licence usage that allows uses for gaming cinema and much more. Specially edited for Cinema4D user´s with cameras and lights already set up for fast usage, so it would have already around 8 cams ready to render, quickly for use on your project.

The first two images show a point of view in a more artistic direction using also more models not included in the collection. The last two images show how the ready to render cameras and lights included in the scenes of Cinema4D files look like, it also includes a HDRI sphere. So the user can choose making a complete new scene using the bindings or urban models or just use the predefined cameras the render time is around 10 min without GI or AO.

The scene is all named and easy to use just turn on and off the nulls to easily navigate on the viewports.